10 Photographs That Will Inspire You to Visit Paris in Spring

Spring is the best time to come to Paris! Romantic cherry blossoms all around, fields of tulips, picnicking in the parks, everything you have seen in the movies about it, becomes reality! I hope these photographs will inspire you to pack a bag and head there right away! If you would like to learn more about Paris, check out this guidebook from Lonely Planet!

1. Cherry blossoms are everywhere!

2. Including the Eiffel Tower!

3. It is the best time for a picnic in the park!

4. Magnolias are in full bloom

5. Tulips too!

6. Nature all around you is waking up

…and the city as well!

7. Sacre Coeur in Montmartre is surrounded with apple blossoms

8. Versailles turns on the musical fountains for the first time in season, and the alleys become lush green

9. The most popular places like the Louvre are not as crowded as they get in the summer and you can save some time waiting in the lines!

10. Even the evenings are warm enough to stay outdoors for long an enjoy stunning city lights

Enjoyed reading this post and want to know all the tips and tricks about Paris? Head here for more practical information on how to plan a trip on your own! Curious about off the beaten path sightseeing routes in Paris? Check out my most beautiful metro station guide for Paris!


    1. Thanks for commeting, Paola! Message me if you need more info, always glad to help 🙂

  1. Oh my god! Paris is my most favorite city on earth! Your pictures make we wanna visit again so badly but I have to study for my exams ?.

  2. These all look like great reasons to me; beautiful photos!! Funnily enough, I was asking my boyfriend yesterday if he fancied a trip to Paris – I’ll have to prod him a bit more! 😉 I particularly love the cherry blossoms and magnolias!

  3. First time visiting Paris. Your pictures have taken my anticipation up a level. Any advice for a first time visitor is appreciated

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