10 things to do in Bucharest while on a business trip

What to see in Bucharest, the capital of Romania? I visited while on a buisness trip with limited free time, but still managed to see quite a lot, and hopefully my tips will help other fellow business travellers!

Hotel in Bucharest: right in the middle of the Old Town Europa Royale Bucharest Hotel

Moving around: only use Uber, as local taxis will try to cheat you (this was my personal experience)

Daytrips: if you have a whole free day, I recommend that you use the tipe to explore outside of the capital, take a daytrip via GetYourGuide!

Romanian currency

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Parliament palace

Bucharest palace Nicolae Ceaușescu castle

Parliament palace, the second largest administrative building int the world might be the most well known building in Bucharest! If you are lucky like me, you might get in for free, as I was in Bucharest for a congress that took plac exactly at the palace. Otherwise, tours available.

parliament palace

Bucharest fountain

Bucharest fountain

The fountain was off when I visited, but that still allowed me to see the buitiful mosaics at the bottom of it. When fountain is operational, it also has evening light shows during the warm season.


bakery in Bucharest

You must stop by a bakery and try some freshly baked goods! To me, they tasted a bit similar like the ones I had tried in Greece, absolutely spectacular!

Macca-Vilacrosse Passage


A picturesque passage with two main forks of streets covered with yellow glass. Cafes and small shops inside.

Dâmbovița river

A river flows through the center of the city, worthwhile to stop by to take some pictures!

The Patriarchate and Saints Constantine and Helena Cathedral

Bucharest patriarchate

A former government building, now given to the Romanian Orthodox Church, and a cathedral right next to it make for some nice picture opportunities. You can go inside the church.

City views & contrasts

city views of Bucharest

To me, Bucharest is the city of contrasts. Spectacular, ornate buildings and large, colorful ads next to those. Unkept grass and strange garbage bins. It looked like the city was still navigating it’s way to where it wants to be! Plan for some time to just walk around and soak in the sights!

Strada Stavropoleus (view to Casa de Economii și Consemnațiuni)


One of the best views of the city is on the Strada Stavropoleus, at the end of which is the “Bank palace” (Casa de Economii și Consemnațiuni). There are some cafes on the street, so you can sit down and have a cup of coffee while enjoying the views.

Vlad Tepe statue at the medieval Princely court (under construction)

Vlad Tepe monument and princely court

Right next to my hotel was the statue of the famous Vlad Tepe (Vlad Dracula) near his the old court (Curtea Veche). It was visible during my stay, but latest reviews suggest that the street is under construction and the statue and court aren’t visible from the street.

Therme București – spa

what to know before visiting therme spa

I am not a fan of spas and saunas, but Therme spa in Bucharest is an absolute must! I was told this is the largest spa in Europe! Apart from swimming pools and infrared lounge chairs, you also can experience spectacular sauna – they have quite a few, and it is next level. For example, Provence sauna smells like lavender, and Bavarian one like fresh pine. There is also music in the background to set the theme, and, the place is open really late in the evening, so can be visited even after everything else is closed!

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