12 Destinations – One for Every Month!

Where should you go in April or September? When is the rainy season and should it prevent you from visiting, what will be the weather like in a particular season? People ask me these questions very often and I hope this article will inspire you to plan your next vacation according to this list!

1. January – Palau

Actually, the weather is very much the same all year long in Palau. It’s always around 30°C and the water is around the same temperature. Although the tourism season is from October 15 th til April 1st and the prices might be a little higher, this will also allow you to agree on tours more easily, as there will be more people interested in going.

Palau offers a true glimpse in the life of the Pacific islands culture and history, as well as diving opportunities as nowhere else!

2. February – United Arab Emirates

February is a good month to visit Dubai, especially if you are not a big fan of extreme heat. You might get a few days of 30°C, but also cooler days to enjoy walks in the city and seeing the sights. Water temperature can be expected to be around 20-22°C, so if you prefer a bit warmer weather, you can visit in March.

The best months for visiting UAE are from late autumn til spring, as the rest of the time it is very hot here. I visited Dubai in January and the trip was a really nice one!

3.March – USA

My dream is to visit the West coast in the spring, during the desert bloom time. Depending on the weather conditions in winter (how warm and rainy it has been), the spring can bring wonderful surprise in the shape of beautiful flowers where usually it is dry. The average desert blooming schedule can be found on the internet.

March is by far not the only month to visit the USA! The West Coast is especially good from September til June, I have visited it in January and February. East Coast welcomes visitors in the summer, in spring and autumn Florida is a good destination, and if you plan your trip well, the hurricane season will not be an issue!

The big cities can be visited during any time, I have been to New York in every one of the four seasons and it has been magnificent!

4.April – Israel, Spain and Paris

The end of April will bring wonderful weather in Israel, but be sure to check when the Easter celebrations take place, I would recommend to avoid it during this time of the month due to the crowds. Some day I definitely want to visit Eilat for diving!

Barcelona is absolutely lovely in spring and you can taste some fresh fruit too!

I just returned from a week in spring’s paradise in Paris and it definitely is the best time for a visit!

5. May – Cuba or Italy

Although May marks the beginning of the rainy season in Cuba and higher air temperatures that most people are used to, I visited Cuba in May and I have the best memories of it!

May is the month when crabs migrate, so at the beginning of the month you can see the large ones going to the sea and later the little ones heading inland. May is the season when you can begin to taste the sweet mangoes!

Must see places in Italy

May is roughly the last moment you can see Amalfi Coast in Italy without insane crowds! The beginning of the month is best, as this destination is popular whenever it is warm, so the sooner you come, the better!

6. June – Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is an excellent destination for a long weekend, like we did once.

When we visited in May, the weather was very unpredictable, so June should be a little better and the nature will be still as green!

7. July – Maldives

July is considered to be the rainy season, but this is exactly the time I would recommend for a visit! The bright sun and a few tropical downpours made it even more beautiful.

Seeing the rain even makes for a more diverse impression of the place. Maldives can be visited all year long, as weather conditions are very much the same warm, wonderful days. The only consideration is price – around New Year it can become very expensive.

8. August – Baltic states – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania

When people ask me what is the best time to visit the Baltics, I always recommend July or August!

August is the month when Southern Europe can get more expensive, crowded, as everyone has a vacation, and too hot as well.

Baltics is the an excellent destination for August, visit Latgale, walk in Kemeri bog, dive or swim in Rummu underwater prison or visit Lithuania!

natural habitats

Don’t forget about the Estonian islands Hiiumaa and Saaremaa! Hiiumaa is famous for it’s beautiful biking paths, and Saaremaa has one of the most unusual hikes in the Baltics that takes you through 5 km of shallow water to the island of Vilsandi!

9.September – Greece or Scotland

The amount of tourists subsides in September and it is much easier to enjoy the sights, it also might not be as hot as in August.

Don’t just visit Athens or the surrounding islands, plan a 2-3 day trip to Santorini! It can be visited up until end of October or beginning of November, when the main tourism season has finished!

Whale watching spots Scotland

Though weather can be unpredictable, September in Scotland can be a chance to avoid the crowds, especially in such popular places as Isle of Skye! Even if it rains a couple of days, it still is a good idea to see the rugged landscapes and unusual views!

10.October – Seychelles or South Korea

Same is Maldives, Seychelles can be visited all year long, as it is always nice there. Springs tend to be more windy, so divers are recommended to visit in autumn.

Not only we went diving and went for walks in the famous park where Coco de Mer grows, but also got married on Silhouette island and enjoyed our honeymoon on La Digue island next to the most beautiful beach in the world, Anse Source d’Argent!

female diver show

Did you know South Korea is one of the most beautiful countries for foliage colors? The mountains and the valleys offer exquisite views, and the Jeju island still is very warm this time of the year!

11.November – India or Denmark

India is another destination usually not recommended for the summer months due to the heat.

Late autumn, winter and spring are considerably better. We visited India in September when in the mountains, Darjeeling, the monsoon season had not yet finished.

November marks the clearest skies there for mountain top sights – you can see Everest and Kanchenjunga! It definitely will be much, much colder, so pack some layers of warm clothing.

New Delhi, Agra and Kolkata were extremely hot in September, temperatures reaching well above 30°C, so in November it will be much more enjoyable for sightseeing.

Andersens house

Copenhagen in November is the perfect weekend getaway! The Christmas markets open mid month, and the beautiful city lights are on to give you the real Christmas feeling! Tivoli is beautiful this time of the year!

12. December  – China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

When I first visited China in December, I thought that there will be nothing from Christmas decorations, but I was wrong!

There were even special markets in Guangzhou where you could by small trinkets for Christmas.

Macau is all lit up by the annual festival of light (and numerous casinos!), and Hong Kong, as a former British colony, has the most historical connection to Christmas.

Recently visiting Taiwan I thought that it also would be good for a December visit, as it should be around 20°C during the day and some warmer clothing needed for the night time.

If you would like some more ideas on what to see this year, check out my blog posts about top destinations I have visited in the recent years!





*updated January 2018.


  1. Amazing tips! Loved the way you have divided the travel zones (regions) monthwise, loved your style of writing and thanks for sharing this superb list with us??

  2. Oh wow! This is a fantastic idea for an article! I especially like the idea of Palau, Cuba & the Maldives – 3 places I really want to visit!!

  3. Love the post but just wanted to add one point. While India is hot in summer be sure to check the weather forecast to the part of India you are traveling to. India is a large country. It more long than it is wide. Hence you will find that the climate changes accordingly.

    1. Yes, definitely! My concern was mostly about the rain too, as in my experience even in September in Darjeeling the rain wasn’t over yet.

  4. What a great and inspiring list! Although I’m surprised at USA being March. Maybe I’m just jaded but I feel like that’s the worst time to visit my country 😛 Maybe in the very far western part of the country – like California is nice in March! Perhaps I need to explore my own homeland a bit more 😛

  5. Such a dreaming list ! Lovely photos, brought back memories for some of the countries. I’m sure many of us wish that we could travel the world with an unlimited amount of time and money, without ever giving a second thought to work or the resources needed to keep that kind of lifestyle going.

    1. I guess all of us do sometimes wonder that! I like how ladies are taking now gap years with little babies, I think it’s a cool way as well!

  6. What a fantastic list! It’s always good to know the best months for visiting places, especially when it’s not necessarily when all the other tourists will be there too. Gorgeous pictures!

    1. Yes! Just probably for every month to go some unlimited funds thing has to be going on 🙂 at least for those looking for a place “this month” it will be useful 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the great info on these places and assume pictures. This has got my mind ticking and inspired me for some new travel destinations as I have visited only a few on this list

  8. I love this list! It’s so cool to know where in the world you can visit during a particular time of the year. It serves some awesome inspiration 🙂 I can definitely attest that Israel is great in April. The weather is usually beautiful as it’s not too hot and if you’re not travelling during Easter break, it isn’t at all busy. I’d personally love to visit Greece in September. It looks so stunning and September is a month that I can easily travel in.

    1. The weather can be really different in April in Israel, with warmer days and colder days, but definitely good for those who don’t want +35 every day 🙂

  9. This is obviously fate… I have been looking into traveling to Cuba next month, but on the fence about it. But Cuba is your May destination so I MUST GO! 😛 Thanks for this list, such a cool idea!

  10. This list was a really good idea!! There are so many places listed on here that I would love to visit, Maldives and India specially are big dreams for me, I hope to get the chance to visit them soon!

  11. I wish I could go to very one of these every month!! I was thinking of going to Hong Kong in December but not sure it’s going to work out. This makes me want to make it though!!

    1. I hope it does work out! HK is amazing in December, in those beautiful sunny days you can go for walks and really enjoy the crisp, blue sky!

  12. Great ideas! We are stuck trying to plan our way around wet seasons in Asia next year. Always tough fitting travel plans around the best times in each country. Great photos too! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am sure you will make it work, and sometimes rainy season is very worth it as well 🙂

  13. Loved this list! I think I should pay more attention to when it’s the best time to visit which country. I always end up going to places when it is rain reason over there, but it does has its perks sometimes, it’s less crowded and maybe a little cheaper as well 🙂

  14. What a great list! I’m doing my best to travel every month and while the bulk of it will be locally (I live in Senegal) or in Africa, I’m open to traveling further out in the second part of the year. I’ll look into some of the destinations you mentioned – thanks for giving me lots to consider!

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