12 Most Useful Mobile Apps for Travelers

Travel these days cannot be imagined without a mobile app! Internet is much more freely available now, so even apps requiring connection can be used while travelling!

The list below has 12 apps that I personally use nearly every day on my Android phone!

You know a really good app that is not on the list? Share in comments!

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Uber (Android & iOS) (Grab, Careem, Lyft, Didi and many other similar apps in different countries) – this app let’s you order a ride to a specific location, in most countries those are private drivers, but in some registered taxis. You need connection to start a ride but not when you finish. I have used Uber in the UK, USA, India, Egypt, Turkey, UAE and other countries. It was Uber I used for my first ever ride with a Tesla in UAE! Grab was a good alternative in Singapore. The car arrives to the place you order it to (some public places like airports or other popular areas have pick up spots). You will see many other apps in different countries, and always check the most recent information about what is available, as sometimes they lose licenses and are not available. I love this app because I can use it even if I don’t speak the local language, and I feel much safer with it, as I always check the license plate and driver’s name, and it logs where I am. I also don’t have to pay the “tourist price” abroad. I usually pay only with card unless there is a specific cash-only service. In places like India, you can also order InterCity rides and the driver will wait for you while you finish your business in another city and then drives you back. I would not recommend this app for specific time pick up, as it will only request the ride shortly before. This is the primary app I use for rides to and from the airport. You have not used Uber before? Sign up using the code alinaaa1865ui and get up to 10 euros discount for your next 3 rides

MOIA (Android & iOS) – shared vans that let you reserve a place (or several), usually you will have to walk a bit to te pick up place and from drop off point. Typically cheaper than regular taxi if you are alone. You can pay by card. You need internet to order the van, but not to finish the ride. Also a good option for larger groups when 8 seat taxi takes forever to arrive.

FreeNow (Android & iOS) – in many places where Uber is banned, you can use FreeNow to order a regular cab (used to be called MyTaxi), and collect miles in Miles & More program. You can pay by card in the app, in this case you need internet to call the cab and at drop off. You can also pay by cash. I love this app in Germany, where paying with credit card is always a hassle, as “machine doesn’t work today”. It can sometimes happen that another rider takes your cab and driver doesn’t check, but in this case they usually pay by cash anyway and unless you approve the payment in the app, there is no risk to you. 

Loyalty points, miles, air travel and data

App in the Air (Android & iOS) – it is a nice little app to keep count of how many flights you have taken, which are your most common airports, how much time have you spent in the air and km flown. I usually manually input the flight number before each one, but you can also import from your email (in this case it will also import your relatives data, if you help them with check in, so I don’t do that anymore to keep the data strictly mine). This is the Nr 1 app I get questions about on Instagram, when I post data from it!

AwardWallet (Android & iOS) – all your loyalty cards in one place – the account number, how many points you have, and you can also keep a picture of it there. It will also send you a warning when your miles are about ti expire. Since I have it, I have just about stopped carrying my physical cards, only exceptions being special Fast Track passes for Executive level in some programs, as well as for partner purchases (like if you get points with you airline when purchasing gas or grocery). This is the one app I mostly get asked about when I check in at the hotels – check in staff often writes down the name of it as they want to start using it themselves! You can also use this app to extend the expiration of your American Airlines Advantage miles, by getting 5 points for a comment written on their articles.  

PassWallet (Android) – one place to safe your mobile boarding passes and avoid the hassle of them being the wrong size or not all info being visible. If your airline provides the pass in .kpass format, just import it here and fly! If they don’t (which happens very rarely these days), I make a print screen on their site. I never use the special apps from the airlines. 

Other Useful Tools

Google Drive  (Android & iOS) – this is my main planning and storage hub when I travel. I synchronize everything for offline use on my phone, my travel itinerary (I write all the opening hours, addresses, detailed plan), electronic guidebooks (my .pdf Lonely Planet), and copies of my documents. Very easy to use across multiple devices! Also super useful if you are several people on the same trip – you have one repository for everything!

Google Maps (Android & iOS) – I synchronize for offline use segments of the map that I will need and mark places I want to visit.

Bitwarden (Android & iOS) – one place to store all your passwords. Usually useful in situation when you don’t have pre-saved some rarely used password on your mobile device. 

SBB Mobile (Android & iOS) – buy tickets on the Swiss train network, check schedules, and very useful for connecting trains – tells you where you need to get off, which platform to find 

IHG (Android & iOS) – I stay with IHG a lot and keep a close watch for the miles I get, as often there are mistakes, miles missing etc. This allows me to check easily how many did I get. It also sometimes has special offers for elite members that are only available on the app. 

Waze (Android & iOS) – if I have internet connection, this is my go-to driving app. Google Maps for checking info. Unfortunately, one map these days is not enough!

Do you use an app that would be useful for others? Share in the comments!

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