15 Most Impressive Trips of The Year

It is time to look back at the year and the most impressive trips done! Even though there were not too many trips abroad this year, we still managed two, and many trips inside the country that allowed us to truly appreciate the beautify of the place we call home!

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15. Kuldiga, Venta Rapid, Latvia

Venta Rapid Kurzeme Latvia Kuldiga

We have been to Kuldiga many, many times and I can say with absolutely certainty that we will come back again! This small town is a true gem of Kurzeme and I am happy to see that with every year it becomes even more beautiful and interesting! We visited the usual sights such as the Venta Rapid, as well as some of the charming little cafes around the city!

14. The Glass Quarter, Vilnius, Lithuania 

Augustas and Barbora love story cafe in Glass quarter Vilnius

After a break of a few years, it was a pleasure to return to Vilnius, and even live at the same hotel that I have always stayed at! Vilnius has changed for the best, and especially visually. You can truly appreciate beautiful shop and cafe windows at the Glass Quarter that without the historic sights is also a great place to eat something tasty in the cafes that look simply stunning! Cafes like “Augustas and Barbora” or “Poniu laime” truly are a sight for sore eyes! More on Vilnius here.

Poniu Laime cafe in Vilnius decorations

13. The Asparagus of Renda, Latvia 

renda asparagus farm latvia

While this place is not commonly accessible or available, The Asparagus of Renda farm (“Rendas sparģelis” in Latvian) was one of the best foodie experiences of the year for us. Not only we got a chance to see how the asparagus grows, we also ate a fantastic three course menu thanks to the Home Cafe days taking place at that time in Latvia! 

12. The Castle of Stameriena, Vecstameriena, Latvia 

stameriena castle alina andrusaite

Do we have castles to rival that of Disney in Latvia? Sure we do! Just ours are real and with real history! This year it was a true pleasure to visit the Stameriena castle thanks to taking part at the project of the Ministry of Culture “Latvia – found“. The facade of the castle has been renovated recently, and we just couldn’t stop taking pictures here! 

11. Hradec Kralove, Czechia 

Hradec kralove from above

As soon as we heard that we have the chance to go visit Czech Republic in the middle of summer, of course we said yes! In a partnership with Czech Tourism, we visited the region of Hradec Kralove, which is the closest to Latvia, and had a chance to admire the stunning castles, nature and architecture of this area! Read more about our journey here

10. The rhododendron selection center in Babite, Latvia 

rhododendron selection babite

I have wanted to visit the rhododendron selection center in Babite for many years, so finally this year I even took some days off to be able to come on a weekday, as this place is incredibly popular during the blooming season! Despite the not so friendly weather, I still had a fantastic experience here!

9. “Daugmales peonijas” flower nursery, Latvia

daugmale flower nursery

While the name of the Daugmale peonies flower nursery suggest peonies, they also have other flowers too! I came in early spring for daffodils, hyacinths and tulips! The place is certainly worth a visit! 

8. Sugamour cafe, Vilnius, Lithuania

best instagrammable places in Lithuania Vilnius sugamour

A beautiful place to see and where to eat? Count me in! Sugamour cafe in Vilnius was a truly spectactular experience to enjoy dinner at. The decorations inside and outside of cafe, cakes to die for and also main course makes it a must visit in Vilnius! More on Vilnius here. 

7. LVM Kalsnavas arboretum,  Kalsnava, Latvia

kalsnava arboretum peonies latvia baltic collections

As you might have seen, flowers is the trend in this article! I had heard of the hidden gem in Latvia, the Kalsnava arboretum that blooms especially bright during the peony season, and has one of the largest collections of these flowers in the Baltics!

6. Safari park, Dvur Kralove, Czechia

driving in Safari park Dvůr Králové in europe

Can you imagine that the largest collection of African animals in Europe is in Czechia? That is safari park Dvur Kralove, where you can not only see the animals like at any other zoo, but also take a safari trip and see antelopes, giraffes and even lions! More about our trip to Czechia here. 

5. “Jaunrūjas” crocus flowers, Latvia

largest crocus flower collection in the world Latvia

The annual list of best places visited would have not been complete without the bright collection of Janis Ruksans, who has the largest collection of crocus flowers in the world!

4. Aluksne, Latvia

temple hill rotonda aluksne

I was planning to visit the city of Aluksne as a tourists for quite some time, as I had only ever been there on business trips. Finally last spring I had the chance to visit it during the project “Latvia-found” and I must say it is spectacular! The train museum, the beautiful parks with the little temples, and the renovated castle tower plus mausoleum! It is beautiful in all seasons and is famed for its snowy winters and bright autumn, but also in spring, in bird nesting period it was the place to be at!

3. Baroque pharmacy, Hospital Kuks, Czechia

baroque pharmacies in europe Czechia

The baroque pharmacy in Hospital Kuks was a real surprise for us. I had never seen anything like this, with all the details preserved! Moreover, this is the second oldest pharmacy in central Europe! More about what else to see and do in this region, here

2. Lutiski 2.0 prison, Vilnius, Lithuania 

Orthodox church in Vilnius

I have been to prison tours before, I’ve seen Alcatraz, East State Penitentiary, so I didn’t think another prison would surprise me, impress me or that would enjoy a tour there (in a weird way?). But boy, did I enjoy this tour! The best part was visiting with a guide, Martyna, who told us so many stories, so much background information that if I must pick a place anyone needs to visit in Vilnius, Lutiski 2.0, the former prison, is it! More about Vilnius here.

1. A field of poppies, Vaski, Kurzeme, Latvia 

poppies in Latvia

Finally, the most spectacular place I visited this year was a short drive away from my home, a small town called Vaski in Kurzeme, Latvia, that had the most amazing poppy field that I had ever seen.  

If you are interested in seeing the lists from previous years, you can find them all here:








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