Welcome to our travel blog that will inspire you to go on your next destination!

We are Alina & Jekabs Andrusaitis, a wife and a husband, and we create all of the content ourselves, Alina writes and Jekabs is the one behind the camera, creating amazing photographs and videos!

Our travel story begun when we won National Geographic Latvia travel story contest with the article about road trip on the West coast of the USA, and so the name of Reverie Chaser was born (in Latvian – Sapņu Medniece), and we are at it since 2014!

We live in Riga, Latvia and work full time, but every spare moment is spent planning the next trip, where to use all of the vacation days!

We have visited over 55 countries and don’t plan to stop any time soon! You can follow our travels also on Instagram and Facebook!

Work With Us

We have a lot of experience collaborating with various tourism boards, travel agencies, as well as state institutions. We are used to speaking to large groups of people and are very comfortable on the stage. We are open for new collaboration opportunities to showcase your business in English and Latvian languages!  We can provide readership data on request, as well as references from previous partnerships, previous work examples and collaboration metrics – reach, engagement and purchases.

Feel free to reach out to us at sapnumedniece [at] sapnumedniece [dot] lv

What Do We Offer

  • Destination, sights and hotel promotion, tourism trails and itineraries that inspire our readers & anyone looking for travel tips to follow in our footsteps; interviews, press conferences on behalf of the brand and brand ambassadorship
  • Articles for newspapers, magazines and websites, you can see some of our previous work here
  • Engaging travel storytelling events for companies & communities, in person or online
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Award winning travel photography suitable to promote your destination
  • TV, radio & podcast appearances as experts on travel related topics

Who Are Our Readers?

Men and women in the upper middle class interested in soft adventure who like to travel comfortably as they have limited number of vacation days or free time during business trips, so they want to have the best experiences abroad.

As Seen On

Notable Previous Collaborations

Awards & Competitions

National Geographic travel story of the year, 1st place

National Geographic “Deep Water” photography competition, 1st place

Lonely Planet Instagram of the month, twice, 1 st place

Won: The travel journalists of the year in Latvia 2019, Balttour 2020 (nominated 2018, 2017)

Conferences & Other Notable Projects

Women in Travel Summit Europe, speaker

Riga Photo Show, speaker

630 Versts of Feelings, speaker

“Travel smart” seminars, owner

Multiple in person and online storytelling events in with various businesses & city partners

Success stories

Marta Grzesiak, CzechTourism, Media & Trade Manager:

“We started collaborating with Alina and Jekabs during the summer of 2021, when they took part at a press trip to Czech Republic. I  was overjoyed with the quality of the work they provided – interesting articles, spectacular photographs, very good contact professionally and friendly approach, as well as excellent results in social media – all of that allowed to achieve campaign results above anything we expected! We will definitely continue collaborating with them! “

Beata Voitechovskaja,  Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, Lithuania: 

“Alina & Jekabs were the cozy and warm couple I met at the INPP when they first arranged the visit to our facility. I was pleasantly surprised by their interest and enthusiasm for our project. We get a lot of general interest visitors, but there are always the authentic ones. Like this time, I gave them a tour of the NPP and I realised that these people are not only professionals in photography, whose work I really want to share with all our subscribers, but I was also impressed by Alina’s ability to clearly convey such specific and technical information, without big remarks about my narrative and history about the INPP. The article resulted to be informative, concise and interesting. It was a pleasure to work with them and I certainly give them my warmest feedback. All the best for the future work from the INPP”

Zane Eniņa, SIA “Komunikācijas aģentūra”, Project Director, Latvia:

“As part of the “Latvia – Found” campaign run for the Ministry of Culture for the Republic of Latvia, which spotlighted restored cultural sites and natural sites, we collaborated with several Latvian bloggers, including Alina & Jekabs Andrusaitis. During our collaboration, they were simultaneously highly professional and down-to-earth – Alina & Jekabs fully completed the agreed upon task, handled everything with a high degree of responsibility, and within the agreed-upon deadline. What resulted from the collaboration were moving photographs and blog entries, social media posts & mass media appearances. The bloggers gladly participated in the necessary publicity events. I wholeheartedly recommend Alina & Jekabs, for they are trustworthy, responsible and creative partners to collaborate with.”

Ieva Grigorenko, Gribu Atpūsties Marketing Lead, Latvia:

“Alina & Jekabs helped us share the story of the charming spa town Druskininkai in Lithuania – what to see, what to do, how to relax there and where to stay. It was high quality, detail oriented communication. We are extremely pleased with the content created, both in the terms of amount and quality. We especially appreciate how naturally Alina included every detail of what we wanted to show. Inspiring, informative and visually pleasing! I am thankful to Alina for the professional collaboration, as well as metrics and results presented. I am 100% sure that everything about this project was a success!

Peep Rooks, NaTourEst Guide & Manager, Estonia: 

“I contacted Alina & Jekabs to help us promote our Bear Watching Hide in Estonia to the Latvian public and we were very impressed with their professionalism and the effort they put into the project. Their visit gained much more attention than we had hoped for and it resulted in quality content and various media publications. Highly recommended if you are looking for travel content creators with a wide reach and good communication skills. “

Reach out!

Feel free to reach out to us at sapnumedniece [at] sapnumedniece [dot] lv and we will be happy to collaborate with your company or destination!

NB: We do not accept guest blog posts and don’t place links on request. Our readers have placed their trust in us, so we make sure to visit every destination ourselves before recommending it to others! Inquiries about guest posting or links will not be answered. 

You can find our privacy policy here.

Pictures and text copyrighted to Jekabs Andrusaitis and Alina Andrusaite.