DELFI: All Articles 2017 – 2020

In 2017 we have started cooperation with the largest Latvian news and entertainment portal DELFI, who publish excerpts from our travel stories. We are very happy that now even more people will be able to read these stories and get inspired for their next adventure!

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “The Experience of Latvian Travelers: The Charm of Palau – Flying Above the Ocean and Toads the Size of A Puppy”16.01.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Wedding Like in Hollywood Movies: How Latvian Couple Got Married in Seychelles” 10.02.2017

DELFI RU Тургид (Russian) “Wedding Like in Hollywood Movies: How Latvian Couple Got Married in Seychelles” 12.02.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Latvian Adventures in Northern Ireland: From Giant’s Causeway to Game of Thrones to Rainbow” 7.03.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Latvian Travelers Explore the Unknown Amsterdam of the Caribbean – Curacao” 3.04.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “The Grand Journey to USA: How Latvians Drove Around the West Coast” 14.04.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Latvian Travelers Enjoy the Island of Socialism Cuba: You Are the Dollar Tree” 27.04.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “10 Simple Tips from an Experiences Photographer on How to Get Better Travel Photographs” 23.05.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “The Most Unusual Place in Estonia – The Abandoned Underwater Prison in Rummu” 14.06.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “The Competition of the Most Dreamy Travel Story Has Been Issued!” 16.06.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Competition Travel Story: Enjoying Italy Slowly” 16.07.2017 (Travel story from one of the contestants)

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Competition Travel Story: The Mythical Cyclades: Mykonos, Delos, Naksos and Santorini” 17.07.2017 (Travel story from one of the contestants)

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Macau – What Else to See in Capital of Chinese Casino?” 18.07.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Competition Travel Story: Low Cost Faro”16.08.2017 

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Competition Travel Story: Nine Reasons to Choose Philippines as Your Next Travel Destination” 17.08.2017 

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Competition Travel Story: Beautiful Family Camper Vacation Through Nordic Countries” 20.08.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Competition Travel Story: Montenegro” 21.08.2017 

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Competition Travel Story: Unusual Honeymoon – Tourists in Odessa” 28.08.2017 

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “The Abandoned Textile Manufacturing Plant of Kreenholm in Narva” 14.09.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Scottish Castles, Cliffs and Islands” 23.10.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “How to Travel Cheaper and More Often” 2.11.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “The Excursion to the Parallel World: DMZ between South and North Korea” 27.11.2017

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Going After the Sun and Memories” 15.01.2018

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “From a Fishing Village to Metropolis” 3.04.2018

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Visiting Switzerland in Spring – The Charm of Little Towns” 01.05.2018

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Six Tips of Visiting Barcelona: What Not to Miss” 07.05.2018

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Receipts in Cuba, Secret Kiss and Other Funny Stories from Latvian Travelers”3.07.2018

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “20 Signs That Show – You Travel Too Much”10.09.2018

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “7 Sights Not to Be Missed in Malta” 30.10.2018

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian) “Looking for Northern Light – Travelling to the Sight-Rich Norway” 28.01.2019

DELFI Plus (Latvian): “Are there places it is unethical to travel to?” 11.07.2019

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian): The place that surprises and inspires: Patagonia 14.08.2019

DELFI Plus (Latvian): “How to travel cheaper: tips from experienced travelers”4.11.2019 

DELFI Plus(Latvian): “Dreaming but not planning. Experienced Latvian travelers about travelling this year” 17.05.2020

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian): “10 hiking trails in Latvia to enjoy this summer” 10.06.2020

DELFI (Russian): “10 hiking trails in Latvia to enjoy this summer” 20.06.2020

DELFI Lithuania (Lithuanian) Gražiausi Latvijos gamtos lobiai, kuriuos šią vasarą būtinai turite aplankyti 10.07.2020

DELFI Tūrismagids (Latvian): You have seen it all? Lesser known and new destinations in Latvia 29.01.2021

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