How We Flew in the Brand New Airplane CS300

What does the new Bombardier CS300 look and feel like? Finally we had a chance to fly in this new aircraft! Already a few times before it was showing on the reservation, but then the airplane would be changed again. At last on a recent trip to Paris we had the opportunity!

The first thing we noticed, when entering the aircraft, was the wait the 145 seats were split, it isn’t the usual 2+2 or 3+3 but rather 2+3.

Made us wonder how the weight is distributed? Also, we didn’t see anything that looked like business class, there were no usual curtains here.

We liked the green light illuminating the walls, a special touch!

Also, the cute little displays showed how far we have flown, they were also used for the safety demo and there was even a little advertisement of Latvia!

The luggage bins are different in a way that it’s not a box with a lid but rather the whole compartment descends, similarly as in the large transatlantic flights. Tall people, beware! It is hard to say how much bigger they are (claimed to be biggest in class), we only flew with a small photo bag, but seemed that everyone else had room for their things.

What we could immediately notice was the lack of noise. This airplane really is that much more quiet! You can talk freely, you don’t need headphones just to read a book. This one must be so much more quiet than the one flying over my house every evening! It’s like my evening alarm clock, signaling when it’s time to put the book away and go to bed!

We are tall people, so at 183 cm (6ft) the primary question was legroom. More than enough! Also the width of the seats surprised us, by the way, the middle seat is a little bit wider than the side seats, so you won’t feel stuck. This is the reason why the famous travel blogger The Points Guy recently wrote that CS300 has the best economy class in the world 

In comparison to other airplanes and especially Q400, CS300 has a much bigger lavatory. If the others you can barely fit into, this one has enough space for everyone, and has a changing table as well. For some reason there was no water in the faucet, so good thing I hadn’t soaped my hands!

Also, the sign indicating if lavatory is occupied or not, was a bit weird, and I noticed quite a few people didn’t get it. From what I saw, there are two lavatories in the airplane, but the one passengers we allowed to use, was in the back. Many went to the front due to the habit, and at one point the front one was also opened, as there must have been a line at the back.

On the flight back, when checking in the bag, we asked the guy at the check in to change our seats and had a little chat. He was very surprised to hear my question if we are really indeed flying on CS300 for the way back (it was supposed to be a Boeing) and said “You surely do know your planes!” Then he noticed the little airplane brooch I have at the sweater and smiled, and we spoke a little longer about flying and travel blogs.

On this flight we enjoyed a lovely sunset and it was a very calm flight.

Read more about our trip to Paris here!


  1. The picture of the aeroplane wings gave me the wanderlust for sure. I look forward to flying with a cs300 too, but i would love the 2 seater part for sure 😛

  2. I am definitely lured by the green lights and lack of noise, sign me up! Though I’d go on a trip to Paris on propeller plane if necessary haha 😉 great post and very detailed!

    1. True, very true, as I recently read somewhere, paying as much as it takes, yet the cheapest price possible, so to see the world!

  3. This article made me smile. I have a plane-crazy son. So I know exactly what the excitement of flying in a brand new plane feels like. Love your pictures!

    1. Thank you! Usually only those who fly very often notice a difference, but I thought why not highlight it for someone else, who might not notice otherwise and after this blog post quite a few people told me – you know what, I also recently flew in it!

  4. Wow that sounds like quite the airplane. I don’t know when I will ever end up on one but I sure hope it’s soon. My bf is 6’5 and struggles on a lot of planes… but thankfully often gets asked if he’d like the front row of economy or exit row cause they see him squished haha

    1. Uhh, 6’5! We are just 6ft, both of us, but if was pretty comfortable for us here (yet in some planes even we sit with straight backs, not being able to move comfortably!). Wouldn’t wish flying in a Fokker to you two!

    1. I guess there will be more worldwide, for now most are here in the Baltics with airBaltic and I read somewhere Air Canada bought a few too?

  5. Wow, you had the chance to fly on the new Bombardier CS300 ! I read that this plane has been designed with the passenger experience in mind. For example, the cabin provides ample seating space for unparalleled comfort: more room where you need it 🙂 Apparently, you confirm that legroom is more than enough ! Another point highlighted by a previous article I read is that the luggage storage is the largest in its class, offering space for every passenger to stow their carry-on luggage. Can you confirm this point as well ?

    1. Well the bit about luggage, as I wrote, it seems there is more space, but I flew with a small backpack I kept at my feet and my hubby only had the small camera bag, which, of course, fit. Didn’t notice anyone having to rush back and forth looking for more space, as it usually is on relatively smaller and fuller planes!

  6. Wow congrats! Seems like a really nice plane. Being a short girl though, ive never had any problems with leg room. Anyways, new planes are always nicer to fly. Im astounded at how quiet the plane is based on your blig. That makes a difference!

    1. My mom is much shorter, so sometimes it’s fun to compare that in some airplanes even she feels squeezed! 🙂

  7. Interesting review! Finally a flight that considers the experience of the economic class. I am tall so leg room is very important for me. Do you know if they will have this model in the US

    1. I read somewhere Air Canada has bought a few, but there are different configurations, so the airplane might be the same, but with more seats, so cannot guarantee the other ones will be as comfy!

  8. Wow! You flew on the Bobmardier CS300. I’m jealous. It looks so classy and sleek. And having that extra leg space for long legs is so essential. Hoping I get on one of these soon!

    1. Come visit the Baltics and you definitely will have a chance! I think we have only 3 of them currently flying the routes from Riga, but with time there will be more 🙂

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