Ideas for vacation: where to go for state and school holidays

Most of people only have a limited number of vacation days, and often times to maximize the number of free days, those are taken together with state holidays as well as around the time when children are off the school. Here are some ideas for travelling for most common European holiday periods during the year!

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Spring Break

Nearby Destination: Norway

Norway may not seem like a hugely popular destination for spring,  but actually, March-April is the best time to travel to Norway to see the Northern Lights! I would recommend Tromso, as not without a reason it is called the Northern Lights Capital of the World! Apart from beautiful aurora, you can hike (yes, even in early spring!), and visit Polaria center for some marine animal encounters. Airbnb will be a more reasonably priced accommodation in relatively expensive Norway (use this link to sign up and get 21 euros off your first stay!)!

A Longer Trip: Florida, USA

Florida is an amazing destination in spring, as it has plenty of sights for children and adults! Disney parks, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and also a favorite of mine – NASA space center!

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Nearby Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

Often Turkey is considered for the beautiful beaches and warmer weather than elsewhere nearby, but don’t forget the beautiful historic Istanbul! You can find flight deals in the range of 100 euros from Europe, and spring is absolutely stunning here! I recently visited Istanbul for tulip festival, and the sights are breathtaking! Click here for a ready 5 day itinerary for a family trip!

A Longer Trip: Dubai, UAE

It does take slightly longer to get to Dubai, so if you can take a few days more for a proper trip, you will have a chance to feel summer weather, enjoy the beaches and modern cityscape! Plentiful shopping opportunities as well as broad selection of food for every taste out there! Read more about Dubai here.

May Holidays

Nearby Destination: Rome, Italy

Many countries have several days off in May, and even just 3 days is very worth to spend in Rome! The Eternal city will be full of sun, gelato and architecture and history. You might even go to a beach nearby the city!

A Longer Trip: Cuba

Very beginning of May in my opinion is the best time to explore Cuba – winter crowds have already left, the mangoes are just getting ripe and water is wonderfully warm. You might see one-two thunderstorms more than if you had come in April, but it only adds to the experience! Diving, cuisine, unique culture and still relatively unknown destination is a good reason to travel that far! I went on a trip to Cuba few years ago and wrote all about my experience here. If you come in May, you are more likely to save quite a lot of money on accommodation, as it is considered to be off season!

Summer holidays

Nearby Destination: Estonia

Have you heard of Estonia? I can’t think of a better country to visit in summer in Europe! Absolutely spectacular nature, no crowds, very mild climate, the perfect place to rent a car and spent two weeks exploring national parks, fantastic museums, untouched islands and great hospitality. Visit Narva and the former largest manufacturing site in Europe Kreenholm (only open for guided groups!), Estonia Mining Museum (the most impressive museum in the Baltics that I have been to!), spend at least two days on each for Hiiumaa and Saaremaa, and don’t forget the famous Rummu underwater prison on your way to Tallinn!

A Longer Trip: South Korea

visiting Gyeongbokgung palace in korean dress

If you have not been to South Korea, make it your priority! Having been to over 50 countries, it is the one I am most often recommending for any traveler – it will be suitable for those who are slightly afraid to go to Asia, as it is a much “milder” and organized version than its neighbors. Very honest, very structured and incredibly surprising – even going shopping here was an experience! You can find cheap accommodation and cheap flights in the country, reliable trains and cultural experience to last a lifetime! Visit the famous Demilitarized Zone – border with North Korea, the Hawaii of Korea – Jeju island,  historic temples in Busan or even try on their traditional dress hanbok!

Autumn break

Nearby Destination: Santorini, Greece

Santorini can frequently be found on the lists of most beautiful places on Earth. And not without a reason! The only problem is – many people have seen those lists, so in summer it becomes a crowded, overpopulated resort. That’s why autumn is the perfect time to visit, that’s what I did in my first ever individually organized trips! No more enormous cruise ships spilling thousands and thousands of passengers on the shore every morning, you can wander empty streets and enjoy a sunset in Oia without smelling someone else’s armpits. It will still be warm! I have swum in Santorini in the beginning of November and worn short sleeved top! Prices will be much more delicious as well!

A Longer Trip: the Islands of the Indian Ocean

Be that Seychelles, Maldives, Reunion or Mauritius, these islands in the Indian ocean in October are a perfect refuge from the cold. Dive, snorkel, just lounge on the beach (or explore the jungle!) and forget it is autumn back home! You can take a package vacation or plan your own trip, these places have something for every kind of budget! Just be sure to snatch those cheaper flights well in advance!

Christmas, New Year’s and Winter Break

Nearby Destination: Davos, Switzerland

Ski lift prices in Davos

Do you love skiing? Well, this is the place for you! Starting from around December 8th, the slopes are open and the skiing in some of the best mountains in Europe is on! Take the reliable Swiss train from any of the airports in Switzerland, and you are there! During holiday season it will not be the cheapest holiday, but if mountains make your heart beat faster, Davos is the perfect place to go to!

A Longer Trip: China

If you start looking for flights well in advance, you can definitely find a good bargain to China! 2 weeks is the perfect time frame to explore this vast country, and as Chinese New Year is still some time away, you might also escape some of the crowds! But you still will see plenty of Christmas trees and fireworks!

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  2. Great vacation ideas! I love that you offered suggestions for both long & short distances, it makes the list all the more helpful! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

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