Sestdiena: Years 2016-2023

In the beginning of 2016 I started writing for Latvian weekend edition magazine Sestdiena of the largest daily newspaper Diena. Since then I have published numerous articles with them, and I invite you to read the full versions also on the blog!


New Delhi, India “1 Day and 9+1 Places to See in New Delhi” 4.-10.03.2016

Guangzhou, China: “Guangzhou or Fear has Big Eyes” 11.-17.03.2016

Cuba: “Mango Season on the Socialism Island” 8.-14.04.2016

Curacao: “The Untamed Postcard” 29.04-5.05.2016

Israel: “Love from the First Breath” 3.-9.06.2016

Northern Ireland: “The Green Field and Sheep” 1.-7.07.2016

Rummu, Estonia: “The Forbidden Fruit of the Underwater Prison” 26.08-1.09.2016

Kolkata, India: “Through Mud with Lotos Flowers” 16.-22.09.2016

Seychelles: “115 Paradises” 7.-13.10.2016

Macau: “The Offspring of China and Portugal” 21.-27.10.2016

Florida Keys, USA: “Closer to Cuba” 11.11.-16.11.2016

Hong Kong: “Calm metropolis” 17.-24.11.2016

Palau: “The Land of Chubby and Happy” 9.-15.12.2016

Christmas in China” 2.12.2016 Dienas subscribers edition “Holidays”


Dubai: “Where Grass is Greener” 6.-13.01.2017

Greece: “The Slow and the Memories” 3.-9.02.2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina: “With Special Coffee and Wounds Not Yet Healed” 17.-24.03.2017

Taiwan: “The Realm of Bubble Tea and Cats” 21.-27.04.2017

Paris: “The Dreamy Paris in Cherry Blossoms” 2.-9.06.2017

Neuchatel, Switzerland: “French Switzerland at the Lake” 14.-21.07.2017

Estonia: “Roadtrip Here in the Neighborhood” 3.-10.08.2017

South Korea, Demilitarized Zone: “The Sound of Propaganda” 1.-7.09.2017

USA, The Great Smoky Mountains: “The Great Smoky Mountains” 10.-17.11.2017

South Korea, Jeju island: “The Hawaii of South Korea” 17.-24.11.2017

India, Darjeeling: “Looking for the Tea Fields” 1.12-7.12.2017

Denmark, Copenhagen: “Andersen’s Christmas” 15.-21.12.2017


Estonia, Hiiuma Island: “10 months of Quiet” 5.-11.01.2018

South Korea, Busan: “The City of Ports and Temples” 2.-9.02.2018

Svalbard, Norway: “At the End of the World with Polar Bears” 23.-30.03.2018

Isle of Skye, Scotland: “Visiting the Highlander” 6.-13.04.2018

Agra, India: “Cockroaches & Luxury” 20.-26.04.2018

“Atvaļinājums” (“Vacation” – Latvian) – special May 2018 supplement for “Diena” subscribers – “All the Travel Tricks from Professionals

“Atvaļinājums” (“Vacation” – Latvian) – special May 2018 supplement for “Diena” subscribers – “Honeymoon Planning

Istanbul, Turkey: “Hunting for Tulips” 8.-15.06.2018

Malta: “Honey Colored Houses and Cliffs” 14.-21.09.2018

Saaremaa, Estonia: “Where the Sun Goes to Sleep” 5.-12.10.2018

Texas, USA: “Looking for Real Texas” 19-25.10.2018

Tromso, Norway: “Aurora hunting” 9.-15.11.2018

“While Northern Winds Blow in Latvia” – Destinations to visit in winter 1.12.2018 special December 2018 supplement for “Diena” subscribers

Rome, Italy: “The workdays of the eternal city” 7.-13.12.2018

Patagonia, Argentina: “The land of the wind and nomads” 14.-20.12.2018


Ibera, Argentina: “Following capybaras and birds” 1.-8.02.2019

Latgale, Latvia: “The wolf supermoon and the winter trails” 8.-15.02.2019

Seoul, Korea: “The city of the future” 15.-22.03.2019

Kurzeme, Latvia: “Looking for the “tail” of Kurzeme” 12.-18.04.2019

Buenos Aires, Argentina: “The city of fresh air and dance” 9.-15.05.2019

Hamburg, Germany: “The prettiest place is the warehouse” 24.-31.05.2019

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE: “A piece of my heart in Emirates” 5.-11.07.2019

Iguazu, Argentina: “At the big water and tucans” 9.-15.08.2019

Qatar: “Tired from the Qatari sun” 23.-29.08.2019

Mykonos, Greece: “Cat and chapel paradise” 13.-19.12.2019


Nile cruise, Egypt: “Cruising the waters of the Nile” 10.-16.01.2020

Latgale, Latvia: “Without snow but with full stomachs” 17.-23.01.2020

Estonia: “Looking for the brown bears” 11.-18.06.2020

Malaysia: “Accidental trip to taste the durians” 3.-10.07.2020

Alexandria, Egypt: “Pigeons and hospitality” 20.-27.11.2020


The Road of Light, Latvia: “To Vidzeme after light” 18.-24.06.2021

Kurzeme, Latvia: “Looking for the tasty Kurzeme” 6.-12.08.2021

Hradec Kralove, Czechia: “Castles and giraffes in the vastness of Czechia” 22.-28.10.2021


Amalfi coast: Where azure blue meets the sky 17.-23.06.2022

Madrid, Spain: “To NATO summit as a tourist” 8.-14.07.2022

Cairo, Egypt: “To fall in love with Cairo twice” 26.08-1.09.2022

Lisbon, Portugal: “Yellow trams in the fairytale city” 11.-17.11.2022


Mahe, Seychelles: “Cinnamon, spiders and granite” 5.-11.01.2023

Dubai, UAE: “The contrasts of Dubai” 14.-20.04.2023.

Silhouette, Seychelles: “Dreaming awake” 26.05.-1.06.2023

Druskininkai, Lihuania: “From mud to treetops” 9.-15.06.2023

La Digue, Seychelles: “Paradise island and it’s flycatcher” 28.07-3.08.2023

Ignalina NPP, Visaginas, Lithuania: “Nuclear tourism in Ignalina” 4.-10.08.2023

Pune, India: “Where the gods, garbage and green valleys are” 18.-24.08.2023

Tampere, Finland: “Short nights in bright Finland” 25.-31.08.2023

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