Anse Marron

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It’s possible to walk from Anse Source D’Argent to Anse Marron, either using the jungle path or during low tide, on the water. We wanted to use the jungle path, walked half an hour, squeezing between such granite boulders we thought we would never get out again, but we did not manage to find a path to the beach and went back. As internet was not freely available on the island (only at the internet café where it cost 2 rupees a minute), we did not know the schedule of the tide and were not sure what to do. We got lucky, the water started receding and we managed to go to the very end without any issues. Anse Marron beach might be even more beautiful than Anse Source D’Argent, and you can enjoy true solitude there. We did see a couple of organized groups coming from the jungle side later on and then noticed the water had started coming back, so we decided to go back as well. When we reached the end, in the deepest places the water was waist high, while going there only knee high. Our guest house owner just shook her head disapprovingly and said that it’s not safe to do what we had done on our own.

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