Davos, Switzerland – The Exclusive Ski Resort for VIPs

One of the most well known skiing resorts in Switzerland is Davos, and it is also the location of the World Economic Forum, often called simply “Davos”. It is one of the largest ski resorts in Switzerland and is nested in an area near other famous winter sports fan places such as St.Moritz. But even non-skiers will enjoy their time here!

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How to Get to Davos

The closest airport serving Davos is Zurich, but it is by no means close. Many hotels offer private pick up by car to Davos, but it is quite expensive, so your best option is to go by train. You will have to change trains at least twice, depending on the connection you choose. The fastest is Zurich Flughafen (airport) – Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB) – Landquart (for Landquart pick direction of Chur) – Davos Platz (or Davos Dorf, if your hotel is closer to this station). One way ticket for an adult will be roughly 50 euros, if you buy it online. You can also get one in a tourism agency, for non specified time or date, but this one might be even twice as expensive. You can also buy one at the station when you arrive, as trains are quite spacious. Plan to spend at least 2 hours 40 min on the road, depending on the connection you choose. Beforehand download SBB Mobile app, which will show you the arrival and departure platforms for smoother transit.

The train class is indicated on the car and before every train arrives, they announce which sector is for which class. Depending on the train type it can be 1 or 2 stories high. Tickets are checked for every train, so be sure to have one! It is not possible to buy one in the car, so buy it in advance!

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There often is a restaurant car in the train, and sometimes they wheel through snack cart where you can purchase treats. It is ok to take your own food with you as well, many do so! There are bathrooms and charging sockets in the train, but not every seat might have one, so check before sitting down! Remember that Switzerland has a three plug J type of socket, so regular small European plugs will fit, but not the thicker ones. For the stay you might get one in your hotel free of charge, but in the train you have to have your own. Moe modern trains have carts to put your luggage on, but only two of the six I rode, had one, and they were full. Usually it doesn’t matter where you sit, as long as the ticket class matches. Only if someone has a scenic train ride pass and has assigned seats, they might as you to vacate yours if you happen to be sitting in them.

Once you are in Davos, you can either walk to your hotel (to walk between Davos Platz and Davos Dorf stations takes 30 minutes), take a cab (even half of the distance between the train stations will set you back 15-20 CHF), or ask your hotel for a free pick up, most of them offer it.

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Where to Eat in Davos

There are plenty of places to eat in Davos, but count on paying more than you’d expect. Many places serve both Swiss and Italian cuisine. As I visited Davos with people who come there every year, I got to try some of the best locations in town:

  • Parma – a place owner by an older couple and supposedly the best restaurant in Davos as recommended by regulars
  • Gentiana – the best fondue and also other meals are good
  • Padrino’s Pizzeria – good for trying the “white” pizza
  • Ochsen Steakhouse – you can cook your own steak on a hot stone, ostrich steak is especially good.

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Ski Lift Prices

If you don’t ski and still want to go up the mountain, one time ride will set you back 38 CHF. Jakobshorn, the 2590 m tall peak just near Davos Platz, is magnificent! You can ride the large ski lift to the top and then take a tiny one just a couple dozen meters down to a nice terrace where you can sunbath and enjoy hot drink or a meal outside. One tea costs 4.50 CHF. They will not let you use the open-air chairlifts without the skis, so this is as far as you can go.

Day pass costs 75 CHF, if you return until 12:00, you get 15 CHF refund, of course, if you ski for more than one day, buy a multiple day pass! Season opens around St.Nicholas day, before that even on snowy days the lifts might operate only at weekends.

Where to Stay In Davos

First of all, best don’t come around Davos Forum time, as all hotels will be sold out. Consider that many events take place here, so if everything is booked, it might be due to that, so before planning your trip to Davos, check hotel availability. I stayed in Hotel Cresta Sun. Although the  room had everything you might need, I wouldn’t call it a 4 star hotel. Actually, the food in hotel was the selling point – they also offer a set 3 course menu for dinner, if you stay on half-board package. The chef is Italian, so even pure-blood Italian friends told me they enjoyed the Italian dishes!

For best stay, pick a hotel with outdoor pool or enjoy the public Eau-la-la outdoor swimming pools! The views of steaming pools and mountain peaks in the background is really something to remember!

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  1. I love skiing. Am actually going on a ski trip next weekend in Japan. And I have never been to a ski resort in Switzerland, only in Austria when I was still living in Europe. I hope I have the change to visit Davos some day.

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