Jumping Fish – a Weekend in Kuldiga

Spring is the best time to visit Venta waterfall in Kuldiga, a small, rural city in the western part of Latvia!

vimba jumping fish kuldiga

Not only this waterfall is the widest in Europe (249m), but every spring a unique spectacle takes place here – jumping fish! The fish are called vimba bream (Vimba Vimba) and every spring they go up the rivers to breed. Since fish jump only in one part of the waterfall, the best sight is from the middle section on the right side of the waterfall.

fishermen kuldiga sunrise

Come as early as you can, as early mornings are very quiet, with just a few fishermen enjoying the fresh air and many fish!

We stayed in Hotel Jekaba Seta, but just to spend the night, as most of the time we were walking around the waterfall, up until late night and later all morning and afternoon.

tilts pāri ventai kurzeme

Kuldiga is a nice little charming town with picturesque places, empty streets and is a really nice weekend destination even in cold and rainy days like that last weekend!

morning venta bridge

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