Radio Pieci: 80 Songs Around the Globe 2017 – 2019

In 2017 we started collaboration with Latvian Radio Pieci that hosts the most well know travel radio show in Latvia, and you can see the segments we have done below!

Palau – one of the grandest adventures we recently had is Palau, don’t miss our blog post about it as well!

 Curacao: a true treasure in the Caribbean, don’t forget to read the travel story of Curacao!

Estonian roadtrip – if you are interested to read about it and plan your own, be sure to read our article about 5 day roadtrip to Estonia!

South Korea – if you would like to read some information in English language, check the articles in the blog  – Jeju islandDemilitarized zone and Hanbok experience!

Arctic Svalbard where everyone is welcome!

 How we got married in Seychelles, our very special memories of amazing island group in the Indian Ocean! Read more here!

Texas: Open the link to LSM and find the program”Mosties, rosies”, then fast forward it to 1:33 (in Latvian). Read more about Texas here.

Argentina: Open the link to LSM and find the program”Mosties, rosies”, then fast forward it to 1:30 (in Latvian). Read more about Patagonia here and here.

How to claim compensation from an airline: Open the link to LMS and find the program “Naktslokāls”, then fast forward to 02:06 (in Latvian). Read more here to find out more in English!

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