Tram in New Orleans

new orleans luisiana tram cable car


Apart from San Francisco there is a city in US where trams live. It’s New Orleans. Some are red and others dark green. It seems that here they are even more practical; you can actually travel quite far on one.

While my husband was taking pictures of the tram, I sat on a bench at the stop and was observing how guides work. One of the would start a conversation with tourists, asking them where they are from, then the conversation slowly moved to best places to see in the city and the guide had quite detailed information. Once the tram came and tourists where getting ready to leave, they’d leave a tip for the guide. I’ve never seen anything like this at home in Latvia! We do have guides advertising their service on the street, but never an approach like this where the service is offered and if you feel like it, you leave a tip.

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