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Not so long ago my travel story about wedding in Seychelles was published in the largest Latvian wedding portal (in Latvian)

Dream Come True Wedding in Seychelles

When I was a little girl, I used to dream about my wedding day – princess dress, celebration in a castle with hundreds of guests. Later I understood that this way wedding may become celebration for others and not for us. The more I thought about it, the more I understood that traditional weddings were not for me. The idea of a destination wedding was often used as an excuse to everyone who would ask one more time why we still weren’t married although have been together for more than 10 years. When we announced our plans to our friends, everyone asked right away in which country it would take place. When our tourism agency suggested Seychelles, it was immediately clear that this would be the right choice, as these islands are very close to the Maldives, the service level is as good and the marriage ceremony would be binding in Latvia.

Silhouette Island

The island of Silhouette greeted us with clear blue sky, sinking into turquoise blue ocean, met by white velvety coral sand, sparkling with freshly washed out shells. The beauty of the island continued to surprise us every morning, and it is not possible to get used to it! We would cool off in the garden shower in the mornings, with trees right above our heads. We shared breakfast with pocket sized pigeons, which would coo all the time, and small birds called fodies, which looked just like sparrows, but red. You could observe fish in the transparent water, and the swimmers were constantly watched by guards. In the afternoons we would watch how fruit bats would eat fruit in the trees, their yellow stomachs and dark ears moving. In the nights the Moon shone right above our head, like a giant headlight, and once it set, you could see countless meteorites and the Milky Way. If you were swimming in the night and decided to move the algae, it would start flashing up, as bioluminescent plankton lives in it. Every night we fell asleep with waves crushing just few meters from our terrace stairs.

Wedding Day

When I close my eyes, my wedding day is like an album full of perfume I relish. The last few hours as the bride and groom, the kiss before he goes to get ready to his villa. The enormous mirror on the terrace where I was getting ready. Those few moments alone in my room, turning on some music and dancing in a silky robe. How my veil smelled of dry powder, when my mom put it around me. The moment my dad sees me for the first time, and then the groom, both tearing up. My brother holding the little start fish ring pillow, us reading the vows and putting on the rings. The petal rain falling on us leaving the beach. I remember every step, every sound that surrounded us on that day. It’s difficult to imagine a more beautiful and more suitable place for a wedding! Many friends looking at the pictures say they can’t believe this wedding was real and not one of a Hollywood movie.

You can read the whole story of our wedding here. Photography by Kristine Grinvalde and Jekabs Andrusaitis.

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