20 signs that you travel way too much!

Travelling a lot changes your habits, and I can surely tell that from my experience! It is just the end of the summer and I have flown over 55 times and will do so at least 15 more times this year! So let me introduce you to 20 signs that I know exhibit since I started travelling just way too much! Comment with which you agree and share which other signs you have!

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1.Boarding passes… everywhere!

You have boarding passes in your wallet, your notebook, in your purse and backpack, on your nightstand and in the kitchen. You use those to make shopping lists and as bookmarks. You try to use mobile passes whenever you can, but still some agents always print you one out just in case. You have long stopped taking pictures of boarding passes for social media (and also because you know that hackers can steal your airline miles with the info written on the pass!). You only keep the passes to check once a month if you got all the airline miles.

2. You have no idea where are you flying to

When you are dropping off your bag at the check in desk and they ask you “Where are you flying today?” your mind suddenly turns blank. “I know I am flying to Hamburg, but through which airport? Was that Stockholm or Copenhagen? Let me check the ticket”.

3. You also don’t remember departure and arrival times

.. unless that is one of the routes that you travel on frequently. You only check the connection time when the plane has landed but the seatbelt sign has not been switched off yet, just so you know how fast you need to run.

4. You don’t unpack your toiletries

You have long stopped unpacking your toiletries, because you have gone and bought a new set just for travel, which you refill with your favorite toiletries at home. You come prepared and don’t expect the hotel to have even soap, as you have had bad experience. Your small size liquids in your purse are in transparent seal-able bag by default. 

5. You have stopped stowing your luggage at home

Your luggage collection is an accessory in your hallway. It just doesn’t make sense to stow it in garage or storage room, as you need it this often. You also usually have one semi-unpacked luggage on your floor in your bedroom.

6.You start recognizing the crew

When you see a familiar flight attendant, you start whispering to your friends and colleagues “Look, look! Her name is Saule, she is Lithuanian but she also speaks Latvian, and she was my crew when I flew to Rome last year!”

7. You are the flying expert on delays

Your flight is slightly delayed and the passenger next to you starts getting worried. You calmly tell them “when you will exit the plane, there will be a crew member holding a sign “Turku, Tampere, Tel Aviv” and they will take you on a special bus directly to the gate, don’t worry!”. If the flight is delayed more than just a bit, you start explaining European Regulation and casually mention that you have a blog post about getting compensation from airlines yourself!

8. You are a rare visitor at home

Is it you who waters the plants? Nop. Is it you who feeds the cat? Nop. Does the cat recognize you? Hopefully…

Also, you have long stopped mailordering stuff to your home. You either order to the hotel (where your packages await you in your usual room) or you order them to work, because you just can’t agree on a time with the delivery guy. When you finally do get to the office, people greet you with “long time no see, you still work here?”

9.You have trouble making appointments

You need to go to the doctor or want to reat yourself to a nice spa procedure? Tough luck! Your conversations sound like that:

“No, on Tuesday I am out of the country, how about Wednesday? Oh, she doesn’t work Wednesdays? No, Thursday I am out, returning Friday night. How about Monday, the 15th, 7:00 am if you work this early?” Usually this results in reviewing your doctors/masseuses/mani/pedi schedule and yours three months in the future to find a slot that fits both.

10. You speak airport code

You have long stopped typing in full airport names and use just the three letter codes like JFK or HAM. You have three most favorite and three least favorite airports and can name 10 reasons for each for making your list. Usually, it has to do with seating availability, speed of passport control and security, and ease of transfer. My favorite ones are SFO, FRA, TLL. My least favorite ones are MUC, SVO, LTN.

11. Your travel schedule rivals the presidents’

When people ask you “how was your trip?” you answer “which one?” When they ask you about your travel plans, and you answer, they usually say “Oh, so many places to visit til the end of this year!” and you smile and answer “No, that’s just this month! Next month I am going to… “

12. You become the master of packing

You can pack or a three week trip in less than 30 minutes and not forget anything and not use a list. Your list in in your head! It also helps to move one semi-packed suitcase to the new one (as dirty things come out of luggage on the day of arrival!) You can also say if your luggage is 500 g too heavy just by looking at it. But you still always carry a luggage scale of your own. Friends and family frequently consult you which luggage to buy and you cite them your favorite brands and the weights of their best models.

13. You forget which language you speak

When boarding a taxi at my home airport in Riga, I have to think real hard not to tell “hello” to the taxi driver. English is NOT the language we speak in Latvia! It’s Latvian 🙂 

14. You collect memories, not souvenirs

You have stopped buying souvenirs. The fridge magnet wall from your earlier days reminds you that it could have been a ticket to Maldives, but it is not. But your tea, your chewing gum and your hand cream each are from a different continent. 

15. You have stopped hoarding mini toiletries. For real this time!

You had so many mini toiletries from hotels (even though you only took the very best ones you really liked!) that you had to throw them away (and take the trash out twice). Now you have made a pact with yourself not to take any of them. Even the very nice ones! 

16. Your memory just works… differently

You finally remember your passport number, issue and expiration date by heart. But it takes you 10 seconds in the morning to remember which city you are in. Oh, I am home today! 

17. There are no vacations spent at home

People don’t believe you when you take a Thursday and a Friday off to “run errands at home”. Ok, they are right not to believe you, you just wanted to take a road trip to Estonia and didn’t want to tell anyone. You also hoard your vacation days like leprechaun gold and know by heart how man days will be in your balance next month or next year July.  

18. Your shopping and eating habits change

When buying food you check for expiration date to know if this thing will still be fresh once you are back from your next trip. Bonus points for foods that will last also until the trip after that! Home cooked meal becomes the biggest delicacy. You have eaten every single one of the meals to be ordered on your usual airline.

19. You speak about travelling all the time

When you meet new people, you don’t ask them what they do. You ask them “any fun vacations coming up? Which is your favorite place to visit?” for small talk. And when you find a common country, conversation flows easily. 

20. You think about travelling all the time

You have a file in cloud (because no use of using desktop if you travel all the time) that is named “to visit list”. You read travel blogs, forums and mileage sites more often than the news. When you open the news, you have no idea who are those famous people they write about. 


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  1. You nailed it! What is stowing your luggage? It is now one a part of our room enhancement, never leaves our sight. Every single one of these is so relatable except maybe the first one. The solution to that, at least in the US, is mobile boarding passes. I don’t remember the last time I got a printed pass.

  2. Haha, such a cute read! The book I am reading is a massive one and I always take it on flight days, it currently has like 6 boarding passes in it! I finally had to throw them out as they were falling out everywhere!

  3. Laughed a few times at this, we were travelling full time for 6 months, now we’ve been working full time for 3 and some of these feel like a distant memory! Can’t wait to get back on the road again asap!!

  4. Brilliant post, really made me giggle. And I can rely to so many of your points, guilty as charged. I travel a lot for work and leisure and usually end the year with 80 – 90 flights under my belt. So I feel you big time. But wouldn’t have it any other way

  5. hahahha! OMG, every single point on here is ME! But especially the appointments. I can’t make one to save my life :p It’s hopeless for me! (Oh, and the airport code… guilty!)
    This was amazing.

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