A Few Changes

seychelles reverie chaser

I am going to make a few small changes to Reverie Chaser from now on. No more picture of the day, but I’ll try to write longer stories more often than before.
Currently I am carefully preparing for my upcoming trip to India. I have all the plane and train tickets, visa has been granted, hotels booked and the itinerary almost finalized, just a few tweaks needed. Until I leave I’ll try to write something about the places I have already visited but have not managed to write about just yet. If not – I’ll certainly have a lot to say about India once I return in October! And it’s not going to be just about India this year, right after I’ll head for a quick visit to the Netherlands, and then at the very end of the year a majestic exploration of new places – Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau!

Meanwhile enjoy the travel stories I have written until now, there is certainly something that will inspire you for your next trip and follow me on Instagram where I will continue publishing picture of the day!

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