Is it Difficult to Get to Sanibel?

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I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that my blog story about Sanibel had inspired other travelers to go there, as I believe one of the reasons why I write this blog is to share the places I have seen with others and inspire someone to travel more, even better, if it is done not in the form of an organized tour! That’s why I was especially surprised when I heard that Sanibel now is one of the destinations where some local Latvian agencies offer organized tours to. In my mind organized tours are needed either for the inexperienced travelers who are still scared to go somewhere on their own (or need a little push), of for very particular destinations where no other options exist.

Is it difficult to get to Sanibel? Not really, if you are in Florida, it’s just a matter of driving to get there. Any permits needed for shelling? No, and no trouble with shelling at all, if you don’t collect shells with inhabitants or sand-dollars. As I see it, getting there in a larger group would limit one’s possibility to get beautiful shells and serene feeling this place has. So if you have a chance to go to Sanibel, by all means, go by yourself!

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