My friend crow

crow petrified forest national park painted desert arizona road trip usa

It’s been exactly two years since the amazing road trip in USA, but some days it seems like it was just yesterday. On other days I get the opposite feeling, like it was so long ago, that I have to forcefully keep myself from buying tickets and leaving right away. The human mind is inscrutable! I’ve only come back home two days ago from another small journey right here in Europe, where against the odds I did have a chance to do a short walk in the city (those business trips!), but I do feel like going again soon.

But, coming back to my friend crow. We saw many of those at the Grand Canyon, and when we arrived at the Petrified Forest National Park, which is quite much further away, there were exactly the same crows, which were not afraid of humans (and kept panhandling food!). At first it felt like those where the same crows we just met and they have flown all along with our car.

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