Perfect Day in Maldives

maldīvija perfekta diena mākoņi ūdens niršana atpūta brīvdienas male

Many people say- laying on the beach is not for me! My husband also says that. Too hot, the sand gets stuck on your sweaty body and sunbathing is not healthy. I agree that it’s not, that’s why I always use SPF 35-50 when on the beach. But there are beaches like Maldives, where already location itself is unbelievable. It takes a few days until you can take in that the color of the water is there to stay. And resting on such quite beach is quite different than elsewhere. Someone is snorkeling, someone else reading, and others are quietly talking. For someone who has been used to running non-stop, sometimes it’s worth to stop and think for a moment. And the amazing days in Maldives is just what the doctor ordered. Away from the web and phone, you can think of and talk about the smallest detail. Go, while you still can, as Maldives are among the first places that will disappear because of the ocean levels rising.

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