How to Claim Compensation for Eurostar Train Delay

Has your Eurostar train been delayed or cancelled? Are you eligible to compensation and what is the amount of the refund? Are they going to repay you for the additional expenses? Read further to find out more!

Trip review: From Brussels to London by Eurostar

Recently I took my first ever train trip from Brussels to London on Eurostar, and while I really enjoyed my trip, the train was delayed for over 2 hours. There was a trespasser on the rail tracks and all traffic was stopped. It was announced on the loudspeakers the passengers would be eligible to a compensation. Upon return home I decided to investigate more.

If you are looking for information on claiming compensation for delayed or cancelled flight from an airline, click here.

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In Which Cases Do You Get a Compensation and What is it?

Depending on your choice of a voucher or cash, you cat get varying amounts of compensation.

If you decide you can use a voucher for your next trip, claim it here.

Ir f the train was delayed:

  • 60-119 min, you can claim 25% of ticket price
  • 120-179 min, you can claim 50% of ticket price
  • 180 min or more, you can claim 75% of ticket price.

As I wasn’t planning on using Eurostar in foreseeable future, I decided to go for cash – transfer to bank account (and I always recommend everyone going for cash even if the value is slightly less!) Rules are slightly different with cash, and you have to claim here.

  • 60-119 min delay is 25% of ticket price
  • 120 min and more delay is 50% of ticket price

When Can You Claim?

You can fill in claim not sooner than 24 hours and not later than 60 days after the delay.

What Kind of Information Do You Need to Fill in Claim?

You will need name, surname and ticket number of the passenger, as well as their email and bank details. It is pretty straight forward to fill in the claim, and there are several “help” buttons to navigate you through finding your ticket number, for example.

Will Eurostar Cover My Other Related Expenses?

I claimed all my additional expenses with my insurance company (for example, my Uber ride to the hotel – get your free ride with Uber by registering here!) and that got covered easily. Eurostar website says that the only expenses they will cover in relation to the delay are:

  • food
  • transportation from station to accomodation
  • accommodation in case of overnight stay
  • calling to person who was waiting for you at the station

In these cases you have to get in touch with them individually. Interestingly, they will not cover expenses of alternative mode of transportation if you choose not tow wait for the train.

How Long Will You Need to Wait to Get the Money?

The vouchers are assigned immediately, but to get your money you will need to wait a bit. In my case I claimed the delay around day 5, and about 2 weeks later my 50% of the ticket price where transferred to me!

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