Shark in the Water!

shark black tip diving aowd padi owd maldives diving male underwater

What to do when you see a shark in the water, especially if you are in it? The first time I was in such a situation, I was immediately out of the water and almost screaming. Somehow coming to Maldives I did not think that I might see them in the water. After talking to hotel staff I found out that these sharks don’t attack humans since they have plenty of fish to eat and I can continue swimming and snorkeling with them in the water. These black-tip sharks also have not been fed by humans (which has been done in Egypt), so they don’t associate humans with food. This would mean that the safest thing would be to find out if there are sharks in the area and how do they behave. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be squelched by a cow that attacked by shark.

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