You Must Believe!

cuban sunset cuba varadero

I was looking at my travel pictures from Cuba and sometimes I still don’t believe that so many dreams have come true this year! I thought about going to Cuba in January, in February I found out that something like that might even be possible this year! March-April was planning and in May I was there (full travel story here). This year, just like last one, has been very full of travel. Up until today I have been abroad every single month. Some months it has been just nearby Lithuania, Estonia, but I have seen new places as well! In July I visited Slovenia for the first time (story coming out next week!). I also went to Poland, Germany, Austria, Spain. And only 7 months have passed! I have India ahead of me in September, then Netherlands and I just found out about amazing opportunity in the end of the year, I’ll have a chance to visit China, Macau and Hong Kong for the first time ever! Is this enough? Of course, it’s not! Every day I check numerous travel deals for the next year and this time I really want to return to US. Seems that once a year is a must for this country!

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