5 places where to see crystal clear water in Latvia

What are the most famous lakes and quarries in Latvia wehre you can see crystal clear blue waters like those of Estonian Rummu and Aidu quarries? While you may not see tropical blue waters in Latvia, there are quite a few locations to see very clear water. Not all are suitable for swimming, but all are really beautiful!

1. Zadzene (Madliena) Quarry 

This location was a pleasant surprise for us, as it is not too far from the capital of Latvia and we only discovered it thanks to one of our followers recommending it! The water is blue-green, and the place has been turned into a small beach area – there is one changing “room” and some garbage bins. On one side of the quarry there is a large pile of sand which gets really warm in direct sun, so you can sunbath even on colder days!

Be careful, as there are ticks in the surrounding area!madliena zadzene quarry in Latvia

best swimming places in Latvia


2. Dubkalni Quarry in Ogres Zilie Kalni (Ogre Blue Mountains Park) 

Not too far from Zadzene is the well know Dubkalni quarry, a very popular place for the inhabitants of the nearby towns. Depending on which time of the day it is an the direction of the rays of the sun, one or the other side of the quarry will be much clearer! There are a few hiking trails surrounding the place. Usually the water is much more blue in early spring. 

Dubkalni quarry Ogre blue mountains

3.Lackrogs Quarry (Lake)

Described as a lake on the map, but actually a quarry, Lackrogs quarry is quite a bit of a drive from the capital city, but it is a recent sensation in Latvia, as it has very clear blue water and is beautiful irrespective of the weather or season! 

4.Kalkugrava (Mezmuiza) springs 

Mezmuiza springs is a nature trail located in a private territory (we were warned to bring cash, around 1 eur per person, but on the day of our visit the cashiers desk was closed and people just went to the trail, so we followed them. There are multiple springs flowing in this park, and many people bring bottles to take the water with them, as it is very clean. The spring pools into a small, very transparent lake at the bottom of the hill near the old mill. You can also have a nice pick-nick under some very old oaks. The water in the lake is very cold, but that didn’t stop the people from wading in it!

kalkugrava mezmuiza spring

5.Spogulu cliffs springs

At the Cirulisi nature trails, at the Spogulu (Mirror) cliffs, there are multiple springs that form a beautiful pool under the cliffs, where you can see the reflection of the cliffs. The water is transparent and very cold – yet we saw someone wade in even in the early spring days!

Cirulisi trails mirror cliffs

Bonus: Certoks or the Devil’s Lake

We visited Devil’s or Certoks Lake in winter, when it was all frozen over, but it is one of the most famous lakes in Latvia, supposedly having formed at the impact of the meteorite. There are many legends surrounding it, saying it is cursed, haunted and people drown when swimming there. But it is definitely worth a visit, and be sure to combine it with some culinary treats for your stomach, as such food as around here, you won’t find anywhere!

devils lake


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