7 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

What destination to choose for your honeymoon? Recently I had the chance to share my advice with the readers of Latvian wedding magazine Līgavā in picking the best destinations, and now you can read an excerpt from the article below!

Classical Honeymoon: Maldives

If your dream honeymoon is clear blue water which is 30 degrees warm, romantic walks under the palm trees, beautiful dinners for just the two of you on the beach and nights in the best hotels of the world, Maldives will be the place for you! This coral atoll island country in the Indian ocean is the chance for a honeymoon like in a glossy magazine. Water bungalows, where you will fall asleep with the sound of crashing waves, garden houses, where tropical rain is dripping down from the palm leaves, and islands where you don’t need your watch or shoes. Fresh fruit, tropical cocktails, swimming at sunset and colorful fish, which is right there under the pier, when you are enjoying your evening tea. World class spa, where you will get massage to prepare you for your new life. Relaxation in Maldives is like no-place else, so why not to enjoy it during the honeymoon?

Maldives are special in the way that most islands are each a separate hotel, so you will only encounter other tourists and staff, and don’t need to worry about beggars or safety of your belongings. If you would like to do more than just lay on the beach, you can go fishing, learn to dive or visit another island, and, of course, enjoy romantic sunset cruise.

Maldives from Europe are reached the easiest with either direct charter flights, for example, from Germany, or doing your own itinerary and adding a hotel. Definitely use the opportunity to fly from capital city Male to your island of choice on the little plane! And, rest assured, Maldives are perfectly safe, no special vaccines or pills for malaria to be taken.

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