The Most Uncomfortable Part about Visiting Disneyland

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It was getting late and it still kept raining, so we decided to go into the castle and see what the line is all about. There were several lines and we chose the one with the least people waiting in it. The room was beautifully decorated with candles and there were portraits of Disney princesses everywhere. What kind of activity awaits us behind the closed doors? Finally its our turn, we go in and what do we see? It’s the picture time with princesses! Two of them are there, my knowledge of princesses names is quite limited, so I don’t even know which of them those are! The room is full with small children eager to take a picture with princesses and there are two of us without any kids! There are Disney photographers in the room and you can come and stand next to the princess and they will take a picture of you (which you can later buy for a crazy price on their website). When my husband saw this, he said that there is no way he is going to have a picture with them, so it’s just me. So I went an took a picture with both of them. One of them complimented my manicure, the other my coat and then both of them asked me where was I from and whether  it was special occasion that I am in Disneyland? I really felt uncomfortable, but honestly answered that no, it’s just a regular touristy visit.

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